Anti-inflammatory Balls – Baked Savory Brown Rice & Root Vegetable with Turmeric, Ginger and Gar

Anti-inflammatory properties of fresh turmeric, and ginger including chia seeds(omega-3) are well researched, are beneficial for easing those aches and pains or supporting inflamed joints. Thermogenic (warming, fat-burning, metabolism boosting) contributions of these warming spices in the body combined with the nutrient and protein-rich Australian pumpkin seed meal, brown rice and goodness of vegetables makes these a great snack option(can freeze or make ahead ready to grab on the go or munch on) to assist with healthier snacking for the whole family. Serve warm or cold, with a squeeze of lemon or your favorite dipping sauce.

INGREDIENTS: 200g(3/4 cup) Brown Rice 200g(1 cup) Pumpkin cut into 1cm cubes 1/2 red onion*(diced if no TM) 1 fresh garlic clove*(crushed if no TM) 1 piece of fresh turmeric(2 centimeter cube (fine grated if no TM) 1 piece of fresh ginger* 2 centimeter cube (fine grated if no TM) 1 carrot*(I used a small homegrown, chopped finely if no TM) 1 small parsnip(homegrown, chopped if no TM)

1/2 zucchini(diced finely if no TM) 100g peas(can be frozen) and fresh corn(cut off cobb) 10g(1 dessertspoon) Australian chia seeds 30g(1Tbsp) Australian pumpkin seed meal 1/2 cup grated parmesan(optional – remove for dairy intolerance or vegans) 30g(1Tbsp) E.V. olive oil 200g Sesame seeds (approx. for coating rice balls)


Thermomix(TM) version (otherwise manually cut or use food processor for Step 1 and stove to gently cook for Step 2 and rice cooking)

1. place onion, garlic, ginger carrot, zucchini, parsnip in TM bowl chop 3 Secs/Speed 7 2. scrape down sides of bowl with spatula, then add olive oil, peas and fresh corn. Saute 3 Mins/Varoma/Speed 1. 3. Tip contents into large mixing bowl. 4. Without washing the TM bowl add 1L water(I used homemade vegetable stock) and in TM basket add 200g Brown Rice (rinsed). Cook 15 minutes/Varoma/ Speed 2 5. Place pumpkin cubes in single layer spread out in Varoma bowl on top on TM bowl. Cook for a further 15 minutes/Varoma/ Speed 2 or until rice and pumpkin are cooked tender. 6. Preheat oven to 180°C, place baking paper on baking tray and place sesame seeds in bowl ready to roll balls in to coat.7. Once rice is done, drain and cool(I placed mine in the fridge to speed the cooling process). 8. Whizz cooked pumpkin into puree in TM bowl 5 Sec/Speed 5. 9. Add pumpkin seed meal, chia seeds, cooked rice, pumpkin puree and 1/2 cheese to vegetable mixture. Taste test mixture and season if needed. 10. Mixture is quite soft so gently roll into balls( can use slightly wet hands for this part and place in sesame seeds bowl, using a fork or spoon gently tip the ball about in the seeds until completely coated then place on baking tray. 11. Once all balls are coated and on tray sprinkle the remaining cheese on top of balls. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until golden. 12. Let cool. Serve warm or cold. I cut a lemon from the garden and squeezed that over mine once cold (next day) but a

dipping sauce could work well too as another option for cold balls.

I made these recently for a Good Nutrition session at Glen Eira Adult Learning Centre’s WELLvember event. Recipe provided as requested by attendees.Enjoy and get creative with your own adaptions. Let me know what you try – leave details in comments below!

Vary ingredients used according to your taste, nutritional needs or seasonal, original recipe has jasmine rice and walnuts. Adapted from ‘Baked Rice Balls TM31′ by HOLLYMORRIS21 (

Thermomix version, simply adapt cutting and precooking to your available utensils.

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