Easy Gluten Free Wraps

I'm bringing this easy recipe out again! As the weather is warming up as Spring becomes Summer - wraps and salads are a much more appealing fresh option!

Gluten Free flexible wraps -high fibre, simple, tasty!


3/4 cup Green Banana flour (such as Mt Uncle brand, high resistant starch RS2) 3/4 cup Melrose Organic golden flaxmeal (ground young flaxseeds, milder taste)

1 cup water


  1. Mix flours, add water leave to soak in water(30 min approx).

  2. Roll out wraps on GF flour sprinkled board(made 8)

  3. Dry fry in medium heat pan(or you can add a little oil of choice)

  4. Lift edge to see if golden underside then flip.

  5. Fry until golden on both sides.

  6. Fill with favorite filling/toppings and serve! Suitable to freeze (before frying).

I was given this recipe years ago by a good friend, advocate for additive free foods and brilliant chef, Sonia.

#glutenfree #wraps #healthy #homemade #bananaflour #flaxseed

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